Demon God's Fane (Dungeons & Dragons, Eldritch Might by Monte Cook

By Monte Cook

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Within the compartment is a bag of holding (bag 1). Inside the bag is an iron box. The box is locked (DC 30 to open) and trapped with a greater glyph of warding that sprays acid (as above). The box contains a demonskull talisman and two books: the first is a vacuous grimoire, and the other is a copy of the Book of Vile Darkness. Concealed using a hidden object spell, this book sits on the table invisibly. A Search check of the table (DC 20) allows a character to find it, but the special viewing glass is in Lytaros Fel’s possession (see The Book of Eldritch Might for more information on how this spell works).

Characters cannot see through the doorway, and passing through is a one-way trip—if someone sticks a hand through, or pops a head in to get a peek, the character is automatically pulled through into the Heart. Spells, including things like clairvoyance, won’t pass through the doorway. Down in the 20-foot-deep pit, the statue stands a mere 2 feet from the side of the pit. Thrown down there, however, is Ghelord’s+1 holy fiendbane longsword. Someone who can fit down into that area can find the sword amid the smoke with a Search check (DC 30).

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