David Busch's Canon EOS 7D Guide to Digital SLR Photography by David D. Busch

By David D. Busch

Welcome to the Canon EOS 7D, Canons new electronic SLR that's loaded with specialist gains at a cheap cost. DAVID BUSCH?S CANON EOS 7D advisor TO electronic images exhibits readers how you can utilize their cameras powerful function set, together with 18 megapixel answer, blazing speedy computerized concentration, the real-time preview process reside View, and whole HD movie-making features, to take extraordinary images and video clips.

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Center-weighted averaging metering. The 7D meters the entire scene, but gives the most emphasis to the central area of the frame. You’ll find a detailed description of each of these modes in Chapter 4. 3 Direct access buttons include the MeteringWB button and AF-DRIVE button. 4 Metering modes (left to right, top third of the screen): evaluative, partial, spot, centerweighted. BUTTON, BUTTON Each top-panel button has two functions. To set the left function of each pair (that is AF with the AF-DRIVE button), hold the button and rotate the Main Dial.

11. 5. Rotate the QCD to select the value you want to change. When the gold box highlights the month, day, year, hour, minute, second, or year format you want to adjust, press the Set button to activate that value. A pair of up/down pointing triangles appears above the value. 10 Choose the Date/Time entry from the Set-up 2 menu. 11 Adjust the date and time format. 6. Rotate the Quick Control Dial to adjust the value up or down. Press the Set button to confirm the value you’ve entered. 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each of the other values you want to change.

Tap the shutter release button to return to the normal display when the setting is made. 6 Press the AF point selection button, then the multi-function (M-Fn) button until automatic point selection is chosen. 7 The LCD display looks like this when choosing point selection mode. 8 When choosing point selection mode, the viewfinder window shows this display. Chapter 2 ■ Canon EOS 7D Quick Start 35 Other Settings There are a few other options, such as white balance, using the self-timer, or working with flash.

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