Daboll's Schoolmaster's Assistant: Being A Plain, Practical by Nathan Daboll, Samuel Green

By Nathan Daboll, Samuel Green

This publication is a facsimile reprint and will comprise imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and mistaken pages.

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Gianni ha cresciuto pomodori e lattuga tutta la vita. ' b. I pomodori sono creSClUtl ei . ' c. U[R(C(a»](the tomatoes), where R is the 'externalizing' reflexivization and C( a) is whatever relation is associated with transitive grow in English. The If in (34c) is the same as the one in (32). Per contra, on Hypothesis 2 we would need two different ways of interpreting NP movement in unaccusative structures: one for unaccusatives with a transitive counterpart and one for those without one. On the basis of this discussion, it would seem that, after all, Hypothesis I is preferable on grounds of formal simplicity.

For one thing, it embodies a more intensional view of properties and propositions. By treating them as basic, we can leave open their identity conditions, which means that two logically equivalent propositions will not necessarily be identical. In Montague's system, in which propositions are identified with sets of worlds, logically equivalent propositions turn out to be the same object, which leads to well-known problems in connection with propositional attitudes. But quite independently of this feature, the following aspect of the system just sketched will playa crucial role for our purposes.

Content: Rr(sink) (x) = U[sink(x)] (x) Rr is to R just what P r is to P. Truth conditionally, Rr and R are exactly alike, the difference residing in the logical type of their outputs. In fact, if passive is allowed to leave internal arguments behind (in our terms, to have propositional functions as output) there should be no reason why this option should be banned to other argumentmanipulating operations. The upshot of this proposal, then, is that intransitive members of an unaccusative alternation are related to their transitive counterpart via an operation of reflexivization that has these two features: (a) the causing factor is understood statively, and (b) the reflixivization operation is an 'internalizing' one.

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