Cyberia: life in the trenches of hyperspace by Douglas Rushkoff

By Douglas Rushkoff

This is often an ideas-led, exuberant documentary in regards to the converging strands of a brand new period, the empowerments of cyber-technology, and the precipitation of latest methods of lifestyles. initially written in 1994, it outlines the strands of the cyber way of life because it used to be emerging-- the popular medicines, the influential participants, the hackers and their motivations, the technology chaos and the complexity of fractuals. This booklet will suffer as a reminder of ways glossy cyberculture got here about--a notice to the long run shape someone perceptive adequate to understand the profound results of the cyber revolution.

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A t the same time, everyone who comes into this room seems more lovable. You find your thoughts flowing, turning into words that previously were blocked by fear and inhibition. "After several hours, you return to your familiar abode, feeling tired but different, more open. "' The main advantage of E is that it allows you to "take your ego with y o u . " A c i d or even mushrooms can have the unrelenting abrasiveness of a belt sander against one's character. E , on the other hand, does not disrupt 'ego integrity' or create what psychologists call 'depersonalization'.

F r o m the principle o f morphogenesis, cyberians infer that psychedelic substances have the ability to reshape the experience o f reality and thus if observer and observed are one - the reality itself. It's hardly disputed that, even in a tangible, cultural sense, the introduction o f psychedelics into our society i n the sixties altered the sensibilities o f users and nonusers alike. The trickle-down effect through the arts, media, and even big Drugs: The Substances of Designer Reality 47 business created what can be called a postpsychedelic climate, in which everything from women's rights, civil rights, and peace activism to spirituality and the computer revolution found suitable conditions for growth.

These are the substances that stock the arsenal o f the drug-using cyberian. Psychedelics use among cyberians has developed directly out of the drug culture o f the sixties. T h e first tripsters - the people associated with Leary on the East Coast, and K e n Kesey on the West Coast came to startling moral and philosophical conclusions that reshaped our culture. F o r today's users, drugs are part o f the continuing evolution o f the human species toward greater intelligence, empathy, and awareness.

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