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When solvent staining is possible for watersoluble fluorochromes, the spectral characteristics can differ significantly from those of fluorochrome in aqueous solution. Surface staining allows many common fluorochromes— especially those used as tags on fluorescent antibodies—to be used for particle staining. , amino group) is covalently bound to a reactive group on the fluorochrome. MESF (molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome): measure of particle fluorescence in which the signal from a fluorescent particle is equal to that from a known number of molecules in solution.

Background (noise, fluorescence, scatter): signal present when no particles are flowing in the sample stream. Background noise is one factor that limits the sensitivity of fluorescence detection (see definitions of fluorescence sensitivity and light-scatter sensitivity below). Depending on how low are the signals that one is trying to detect in the sample, different factors are dominant contributors to the background. , lasers turned off), detector noise is the background limit. For photomultiplier tubes (PMTs), the detector background noise is called dark current and is due to random emission of electrons from the photocathode.

A very useful set of definitions that generally cover the field of clinical diagnostics is NCCLS publication NRSCL8-A, Terminology and Definitions for use in NCCLS Documents (NCCLS, 1998a). The definitions for limits below are from the NCCLS definitions. Additional definitions related to quantitative fluorescence cytometry are provided by Henderson et al. (1998). The definitions below should be considered a reasonable point along the way toward authoritative and broadly accepted and understood terminology.

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