Crimes Against Criminals by Robert G. Ingersoll

By Robert G. Ingersoll

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Lexical-Functional Grammar (Syntax and Semantics, Volume 34)

Quantity 34 of "Syntax and Semantics" is an intensive and obtainable evaluate and creation to Lexical useful Grammar (LFG), a idea of the content material and illustration of alternative elements of linguistic constitution and the kin that carry among them. The publication motivates and describes the 2 syntactic buildings of LFG: floor phrasal association is represented by way of a context-free word constitution tree, and extra summary useful syntactic kin like topic and item are represented individually, at sensible constitution.

Context and the Attitudes: Meaning in Context, Volume 1

Context and the Attitudes collects 13 seminal essays by means of Mark Richard on semantics and propositional attitudes. those essays boost a nuanced account of the semantics and pragmatics of our discuss such attitudes, an account on which in announcing what somebody thinks, we provide our phrases as a 'translation' or illustration of how the objective of our speak represents the realm.

Epistemic Indefinites: Exploring Modality Beyond the Verbal Domain

This booklet brings jointly novel paintings at the semantics and pragmatics of sure indefinite expressions that still express modality. those epistemic indefinites are determiners or pronouns that sign lack of knowledge at the a part of the speaker, resembling German irgendein and Spanish algun: the sentence Maria se caso con algun medico ('Maria married a few surgeon or other') either makes an existential assertion that there's a health professional that Maria married and indications the speaker's lack of ability or unwillingness to spot the health care provider in query.

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1 believe that this power should be exer· cised in another direction. It would be well as it seems to me, for tlie Legislature to fix the amount of land that a private citizen may own,' that will not be subject to be taken a way for the use of which I am ahout to speak. The amount to be thus 45 C:,IIn .. /~ainst stane"". aill itself. Let me suppose that the amount of land that may be held for a fanner for cultivation has been fixed at one hundred and sixty acres-and suppose that A has several thousand acres.

In the olden time-and it is not yet dead-that whoever was ed· 48 ucated ought not to work! that he should Itrfm .. use his head and not his hands. t were ashamed to be found engaged in ~rfmlnalll manual labor. in plowing fields. in sowing or gathering grain. To this manly kind of independence they preferred the garret and the precarious existence of an unappreciated poet, borrowing their money from their friends, and their ideas from the dead. The educated regard the useful as degra' ding-they weTe willing to stain their souls to keep their hands white.

And on the same day murdered his wife. , In the presence of death it is easy for a jury to find a doubt. Techillcalities become very important. :riminal5 Crillles absurdities. I1I_lut appearanc-e for a moment of being natural CrlmlnalJ and logical. Honest and conscientious men dread a final irrevocable step. If the pen· nlty were imprisonment for life, the jury would reel that if any mistake were made it could be Tectified; but wheTe the penalty is death a mistake is fatal. A conscientious man takes into consideration the defeds of human nature-the uncertainty of tes· timony.

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