Controversial Images: Media Representations on the Edge by Feona Attwood, Vincent Campbell, Visit Amazon's I.Q. Hunter

By Feona Attwood, Vincent Campbell, Visit Amazon's I.Q. Hunter Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, I.Q. Hunter, , Sharon Lockyer

Delivering a sequence of case reports of contemporary media controversies, this assortment attracts on new views in cultural stories to contemplate a wide selection of pictures. The e-book recommend how we'd in attaining a extra refined knowing of debatable photos and negotiate the tricky terrain of the hot media panorama.

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2003) ‘Posthumanist Performativity: Towards and Understanding of how Matter comes to Matter’, Signs: Journal of Woman in Culture and Society, 28, no. 3, 801–31. Batchen, G. (1997) Burning With Desire: The Conception of Photography (Boston: MIT). Baudrillard, J. (2009) Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? trans. C. Turner. (London: Seagull Books). Bazin, A. (2005) [1967] ‘The Ontology of the Photographic Image’ in What Is Cinema? Volume 1 trans. H. Gray (Berkeley: University of California Press).

I wonder what Simone de Beauvoir would have thought. ’ before offering her own reading of the scandal: ‘Then, of course, the original photo came out, which started a righter [sic] contest: the real indecency was to use Photoshop to model her figure according to modern taste’ (2008). These two voices were in a very small minority and are the only critiques of Photoshop’s role in the affair that I have found in English. So why was there such a furore over the nudity while there was barely anything about the photoshopping?

2008). Martin observed the vital role that humour plays in identifying and negotiating boundaries among values and people ‘by playing with the incongruities of multiple meanings and conflicting viewpoints’ (2008: 17). Lewis pointed out that the use of satire in cases such as the Danish cartoons can ‘intensify (rather than vent) hostility and the perceived harm of victims’ (2008: 13). ’ This tendency towards provocation is heightened by the ‘property of the cartoon genre to combine humor with criticism’ (2009: 29) in such a way that may be invisible to the author but felt all the more keenly by the target.

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