Conspiracy Theories by Robin Ramsay

By Robin Ramsay

Conspiracy theories are all right here, yet not only coated as much as be ridiculed and brushed aside. For one of the absurd conspiracy theories at the moment proliferating on the net, there are nuggets of genuine learn approximately actual conspiracies ready to be mined. totally sourced and referenced, this book is a significant exam of a desirable phenomenon.

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According to a contents summary I read in the catalogue of Tom Davis Books,10 one such argues that the murders had their origins in the FBI blacklist of certain bar applicants (would-be lawyers) because of their antiwar activities. These unemployed lawyers assassinated Nicole Simpson and framed O. J. Simpson to compel the FBI to disclose the blacklist. Only in America, with one million lawyers, home of the lawyer joke, would someone imagine a murderous cabal of unemployed lawyers! For a mere £95, somebody called Michael Todd, in Yorkshire, offered to provide evidence of a world-wide conspiracy called Operation PELT, with a secret HQ in Ireland and 30 offices world-wide.

In the 1950s, when the US empire was booming, and the average white American consumer was experiencing continuously increasing material prosperity, the Extra Terrestrials reportedly meeting the America citizen, were largely benign,6 making contact with the world to offer advice and friendship (and the occasional warning about the dangers of nuclear weapons). By the mid 1990s, with the US economic empire no longer delivering ever-increasing wealth for the vast majority of its white citizens, and with sections of the big American cities turning into facsimiles of the set of the film Blade Runner, the skies over America at night were apparently bustling with alien rapists, beaming down into people’s bedrooms to scoop them up and take them away for extended sessions of sexual abuse, implantation of mind control devices and experiments.

People believe conspiracy theories because they see a world full of conspiracies. Before the early 1960s, it was a variety of people on the far right who saw • 56 • conspiracytheories 13/12/05 8:35 am Page 57 F RO M B L U E S K I E S TO DA R K S K I E S conspiracies to undermine America and to promote blacks, who believed in conspiracies by Jews, or bankers, or One Worlders. 12 We have had, in fact, what President Eisenhower warned America of in his farewell speech in 1960 – the military-industrial complex (with its intelligence agencies) running amok, totally beyond democratic control, gobbling up hundreds of billions of dollars.

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