Computer. Fraud & Security (April 2005)

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Ajax For Dummies

Ajax is brief for “Asynchronous JavaScript+CSS+DOM+XMLHttpRequest. ”
Even in the event you weren’t intimidated prior to, that tidbit is maybe adequate to make you succeed in for the Excedrin. simply succeed in for Ajax For Dummies as an alternative. With reveal pictures, genuine code and motives, and dwell websites the place you will discover Ajax purposes doing their factor, it's going to have you ever utilizing Ajax to create net functions that glance an act like laptop purposes very quickly. With Ajax, you could accelerate and freshen up your internet purposes. consumers at your on-line shop can fill their carts with out looking ahead to a number of web page refreshes. Searchers in your websites can get speedy effects at the related page.
This advisor takes you on a travel of ways Ajax is used at the present time, whole with examples of Ajax purposes in motion, corresponding to an Ajax-enabled Yahoo! seek or an Ajax-based chat program. Then it can provide fundamentals on utilizing JavaScript. After that you simply dive in and get details on:* Writing a few Ajax, interactive mouseovers utilizing Ajax, passing information to the server with GET or publish, and extra* Connecting to Google for a stay seek* utilizing loose Ajax frameworks so that you don’t need to commence from scratch, together with Ajax Gold (written in particular for this book), AJAXLib, and grabbing XML with libXmlRequest* every kind of Ajax recommendations, akin to utilizing Ajax for drag-and-drop operations, pop-up menus, downloading photographs backstage, and extra* utilizing SACK (simple AJAX code kit), interpreting XML with Sarissa, and growing visible results with Rico* dealing with XML int Ajax functions* operating with cascading variety sheets (CCS) in Ajax, together with establishing the types, exhibiting a menu, styling textual content, dealing with shades and backgrounds, and extra* operating with Ajax and PHP
Complete with a significant other site, loose Ajax frameworks, and pattern code you should use, Ajax for Dummies is your pleasant advisor to making actually straightforward net sites!
Note: CD-ROM/DVD and different supplementary fabrics aren't incorporated as a part of e-book dossier.

Wireless Home Networking for Dummies (3rd Edition)

Instant domestic networks are greater than ever! The emergence of latest criteria has made them more straightforward, more straightforward, less costly to possess and function. nonetheless, you must understand what to appear for (and glance out for), and the professional information you'll locate in instant domestic Networks For Dummies, third variation is helping you make sure that your wire-free lifestyles is additionally a easy lifestyles!

Test Bank to Accompany Computers and Data Processing

Attempt financial institution to Accompany pcs and information Processing offers numerous questions from which teachers can simply customized tailor assessments acceptable for his or her specific classes. This ebook comprises over 4000 short-answer questions that span the complete diversity of issues for introductory computing path.

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Else: ... num = 2 ... >>>num 2 >>> num = (3>5 and 1) or 2 >>> num 2 The following two expressions are also equivalent: >>> if ( 5 > 3): ... num = 1 ... else: ... num = 2 ... >>>num 1 >>> num = (5>3 and 1) or 2 >>> num 1 Be warned: This simulation works only if the expressions true_return and false_return are not equivalent to false. If we need them to be false, we can do something like this: >>> true_return = 0 >>> false_return = 2 >>> num = (5 > 3 and [true_return]) \ or [false_return] >>> num [0] Now the num variable is equivalent to a list containing one element, but this isn't exactly what we want.

Obviously, Python is more flexible and dynamic than Java, but not as type safe. If you come from a Smalltalk background, this is probably a boon, but probably not if you come from C++. Read Appendix C on the advantages of scripting languages, and then decide for yourself. Valid Variable Names Variable names in Python can start with a letter or an underscore (_). After the first character, they can also contain numbers, and they can be as long as you want them to be. Keep in mind that variable names are case sensitive.

Logical Operators OperatorDescriptionInteractive SessionandAnd two values or comparisons together >>> >>> 0 >>> >>> 1 x,y = 1,0 x and y x,y = 1,1 x and y orOr two values together >>> x,y = 1,0 >>> x or y 1 >>> x,y = 0,0 49 50 >>> x or y 0 notInverse a value >>> >>> 1 >>> 1 >>> >>> 0 x,y = 0,0 not x not y x = 1 not x Table 3-3. =z 1 <>Not equal to 50 51 >>> x<>y 0 >>> x<>z 1 isObject identity >>> str = str2 = "hello" >>> str is str2 1 >>> str = "hi" >>> str is str2 0 is notNegated object identity >>> s1 = s2 = "hello" >>> s1 is not s2 0 >>> s1 = s2 + " Bob" >>> s1 is not s2 1 inChecks to see if an item is in a sequence >>> list = [1,2,3] >>> 1 in list 1 >>> 4 in list 0 not inChecks to see if an item is NOT in a sequence >>> list = [1,2,3] >>> 1 not in list 0 >>> 4 not in list 1 Advanced Topic: Logical Operators and Boolean Returns Comparison operators always return either 1 or 0 of type Integer.

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