Complex Analysis Joensuu 1978 by I. Laine, O. Lehto, T. Sorvali

By I. Laine, O. Lehto, T. Sorvali

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10) the verb is repeated, but typically the verb in the second clause differs from that in the first clause in tense, mood or verbal prefix. The mood employed in the vast majority of similes of this type is the indicative; only in nine cases do we have an optative. 9)9 the optative is used in both clauses. One must note that many of the clausal similes in which the verb is repeated contain other words that are also repeated in both clauses. That is, the poet is seemingly trying to turn a nominal simile into a clausal one by merely repeating several parts of the first clause.

As Brockington (1984:33) remarks with regard to the similes in the Ramayqm. In my corpus I have found approx. 10 instances of repeated similes. 3 hate tu bhiyne rathasattame parair nimaiiaffm navam ivzrnave kuriln / piteva putfiips tvarito 'bhyayat tat& swtgrayiqyms tava putrasya senam // '[Once] BhTqma, the best of the charioteers, [had been] slain by the enemies. ' an About 95% of the Mahiibhfirata is composed in sloka meter (technically epic anuqmbh). Therefore, the vast majority of similes occur in slokas.

Among the plants, trees in general, and especially the kims'uka tree (a tree with red flowers), appear often in similes. ' In a few instances, other types of trees are mentioned, such as the kamikiira, palm tree (tala) and mango (cam). ) is the most common flower in similes, especially in compounds in which the eyes of the heroes are compared with lotus flowers or Jamison, Stephanie W. 1996. " In Langue,style at structure duns Ie monde indien. Centenaire de Louis Renou. Actes du colloque international (Paris, 25-27 January 1996).

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