Communication in Interpersonal Relationships by Donald P. Cushman

By Donald P. Cushman

The matter of communique in interpersonal relationships is a imperative subject matter in our age.

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When two nations, groups, or individuals are interdependent and one of the participants fails to take into consideration the interests of the other, the ignored nation, group, or individual withdraws either its agreement or its participation in the interdependency until such interests are recognized by both parties. For example, the Arab oil embargo was provoked by the failure of the United States to take into consideration sufficiently Arab interests in dealing with Israel. Similar reasons have provoked various occupational groups to strike, racial groups to riot, social groups to demonstrate, and individuals to break off friendships.

Miller, G. The Current Status of Theory and Research in Interpersonal Communication. Human Communication Research. 4, (2):164179, 1978. Searle, J. R. Speech Acts. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1970. Wittgenstein, L. Philosophical Investigations. M. Ascombe, Oxford: Basil Blackwell Mott, 1953. Young, C. Politics of Cultural Pluralism. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1976. Page 19 2 Interpersonal Communication and Individual Self-Concepts From the symbolic interaction posture arose the idea that people develop and support their self-conceptions through interaction with others.

This, in turn, provides the individual with a feeling of self-worth and relational satisfaction or with a lack of it. Our self-concept or interactive identity is thus a communication rather than a psychological phenomenon, because it is interactively established and sustained. Knowledge of the principles, processes, and skills involved in the presentation, development, and validation of self-concepts allows the individuals involved to exert influence over their sense of personal identity and relational-worth.

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