Common Prostitutes and Ordinary Citizens: Commercial Sex in by Julia Laite (auth.)

By Julia Laite (auth.)

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I said: ‘what! ” ’68 Even after the Second World War, Wilkinson noted that the alternative work open to women who sold sex was ‘low grade, unskilled, often seasonal, offering little promise of advancement ... 70 There are, of course, examples of very low earnings. 72 Police constables in the Southwark area of Selling Sex 37 London told social investigator Charles Booth in the late 1890s that there were prostitutes ‘of the lowest class’ who would perform sexual services for less than a shilling, or the cost of a pint.

Interestingly, domestic service’s connections to prostitution persisted into the interwar years, when the ‘servant crisis’ meant that more and more middle-class families were cutting down on their use of servants, and servants tended to work alone. 42 Domestic service, that quintessential occupation of working-class women, had long been connected to prostitution and to critiques of the sexual double standard through the narrative of the ‘ruined maid’: left with no ‘character’ after seduction by her master, the pregnant or disgraced young woman fell into prostitution and eventually the churning waters of the Thames.

This, combined with the Metropolitan Police force’s sensitivity to press allegations of incompetence or corruption, government investigations into their behaviour, and magisterial rebuffs after failures to convict, explains why the statistics related to prostitution offences in London are extraordinarily inconsistent both in terms of their rises and falls and in terms of the way they were – or were not – reported. As a result, the statistics I offer here are compiled in part from the Annual Reports of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, which between 1893 and 1930 reported prostitution-related offences based upon a fairly standardized system, and in part from various unpublished police returns stretching into the 1960s, some compiled from monthly reports, others from divisional charts, and still others from annual figures recorded in a variety of police memoranda and minutes.

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