CND- Now More Than Ever by Kate Hudson

By Kate Hudson

A desirable and well timed examine an archetypal campaigning agency. released to mark the sixtieth anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. makes use of interviews with key figures and grassroots activists to relate the highs and lows of 5 a long time of CND. From the mass protests at Aldermaston and Greenham universal to years while it had only a 'shoebox-full' of participants, CND - Now greater than Ever is decided to be the definitive background of CND. utilizing first hand bills from activists stretching again to its starting place in 1958 in addition to interviews with sufferers of nuclear fallout, Hudson explores the starting place of our nuclear global and descriptions the nuclear difficulties that also face us this day. unlawful wars, NATO enlargement and America's 'Son of megastar Wars' all upload as much as one truth: CND is required. certainly it truly is wanted now greater than ever.

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4 Other sci-fi films featured subtexts of anxiety about the spread of communism, such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, made by Don Siegel in 1956. This was also the time of the McCarthyite witch-hunts of the Left in the US, not only in Hollywood, but in society more widely. Thus the late 1950s were a time of great social and political ferment, of which CND was very much a part. The US/UK ‘special relationship’ The year of 1958 – CND’s real launch on society – was a year of contradictory developments for the movement.

59 Readers responded to such an extent that the editor, Kingsley Martin, suggested to Bertrand Russell, JB Priestley and others that a mass movement against nuclear weapons was needed. They agreed, but they were not the only ones who were thinking along these lines. NCANWT, with serious support and many groups across the country, was already planning to extend its remit beyond testing to disarmament as well. On 16 January 1958, its leaders, together with other notable antinuclear figures, were invited to a meeting set up by Kingsley Martin and hosted by Canon John Collins, of St Paul’s Cathedral.

62 Thus was CND established. Its original aims remain just as valid today. 46 CND Book 1/7/05 10:08 am Page 47 2 Aldermaston and the early radicalism The world into which CND emerged was changing rapidly. Worldwide, the colonial empires were being dismantled as national liberation movements achieved the independence of their countries. European colonial power in East Asia had been broken by the Japanese. Britain withdrew from India, partitioning the country into the two states of India and Pakistan amid a bloodbath claiming countless lives.

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