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Master Lighting Guide For Portraits Photographers

Очень качественная книга об освещении в портретной съёмке известного американского фотографа. Много цветных иллюстраций, так что знать английский необязательно

Typologia: Studies in Type Design and Type Making

Typologia provides roughly graphically Frederic Goudy's paintings in variety layout and describes his personal equipment of style construction. His comments on kind legibility and nice printing, as provided within the physique of the ebook, current the conclusions of a craftsman intensely drawn to each section of typography.

Art that moves : the work of Len Lye

"One of the main unique artists to have emerged from New Zealand, Len Lye (1901-1980) had a keenness for circulate from an early age. This fascination formed his pressing and pioneering motion pictures and kinetic sculptures and contributed to his awesome paintings in portray, images and writing. Lye had a tremendous concept -- that circulate may be the foundation for a totally new type of artwork -- and he dedicated a lot of his existence to it.

European Clocks in the J. Paul Getty Museum

The most effective examples of eu craftsmanship are the clocks produced for the posh alternate within the eighteenth century. The J. Paul Getty Museum is lucky to have in its ornamental arts assortment twenty clocks courting from round 1680 to 1798: eighteen produced in France and in Germany. They show the extreme workmanship that went into either the layout and execution of the instances and the problematic routine through which the clocks operated.

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9 (Athens); b. Poenaru Bordea 223, no. 3 (Bucharest); c. Svoronos 218, no. 1312a (Berlin); no. 1313a (Berlin); coins described at a and c wrongly attributed to Ptolemy V. 11 a. Svoronos 238, no. 1441a, pi. xlix, no. 15 (Vienna), wrongly attributed to Ptolemy VI; b-c. unpublished (New York; American Numismatic Society). 12 a. Svoronos 220, no. 1339a, pi. xlv, no. 15 (London); b. Svoronos 220, no. 1340a, pi. xlv, no. 16 (London). 13 a. Svoronos 220, no. 1348a, pi. xlv, no. 23 (Athens); b. Svoronos 219 no.

This kind of balance can be seen throughout the issue. Unit. , no. 19). , no. 3). The reverse of both series is the sella curulis. The types are plainly parallel. g. , ccxv, takes it to be a portrait of Antony in the guise either of Dionysus with thyrsus, or of the beardless Zeus Velchanos with sceptre. g. Apollo, who are not normally depicted with this symbol of power (see H. G. Liddell, R. Scott, H. S. v. 2). But which Zeus? 4 Nor does he appear to have been widely worshipped in Crete, or to have represented Crete in any general manner.

Waggoner, Archaic Greek coinage. The Asyut hoard, London 1975, 122; C. M. Kraay, 'The Asyut hoard: some comments on chronology', NC1 xvn 1977, 189-198 at 197. This view may not be subscribed to by H. A. Cahn, 'Asiut. Kritische Bemerkungen zu einer Schatzfundpublikation', Schweizer Numismatische Rundschau LVI 1977, 279-287 at 281-286. 22 S. Bolin, State and currency in the Roman Empire to 300 AD, Stockholm 1958, 38-40. For an important discussion of early silver and electrum coinage from the metallurgical point of view see J.

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