Chronological History of The New World Order by Dennis Cuddy

By Dennis Cuddy

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Sam Cooke, “Touch the Hem of His Garment” (Gospel, 1956) This recording conflates the Gospel stories of the woman suffering from hemorrhages in Mark 5:25–34, Matt 9:20–22, and Luke 8:42b–48. The song focuses on the distress of the woman, even supplementing the Gospel accounts with new details of her unsuccessful treatment by doctors. Also, the song increases the healing of the woman, so that she is not simply healed, she is made whole. Because of the emphasis on the woman’s situation and Jesus’ role in her restoration, this song can be used to discuss Jesus’ attitudes toward cultural and social “others,” especially women, during his ministry, as well as the importance of faith in the Gospels.

Metallica, “Creeping Death” (Heavy Metal, 1984) This song depicts the utter horror of the final plague, the killing of all first born of Egypt. The song makes reference to other elements of the Exodus story, but the repeated phrase “I am creeping death” gives the listener an image of the death angel that wreaks havoc on the Egyptians. The heavy metal genre is fitting. The song can serve to help students wrestle with the complex- M U S I C 22 teaching the bible ity of the biblical narrative. Must the Egyptians die in order for Israel to be saved?

Mark 6:1–6) and later Christian tradition. Popular Music 41 Brand New, “Jesus Christ” (Alternative Rock, 2006) The overall meaning of the song is ambiguous, but it makes several clear biblical references. It asks what Jesus did during his three days in the tomb, which could relate to a discussion of noncanonical texts that wrestle with this question. The singer is afraid to die because of the uncertainty of what comes next; students might consider where, if at all, this issue appears in the canonical Gospel tradition.

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