Charles Darwin: A Companion by Richard Broke Freeman

By Richard Broke Freeman

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3rd Marquis 1868. m 1857 Georgiana Alderson [II]. EB DNB. Cecil, Lord Sackville Arthur 1865–1898. 5s of 3rd Marquis of Salisbury. Cambridge friend of CD's sons and neighbour in Kent. 1882 C was on 'Family Friends invited' list for CD's funeral. Cerro Perico Flaco Argentine. A hill near river Beguelo, a tributary of Rio Negro. 22–26 CD visited from estancia of Mr Keen and found skull of 'Megatherium' [actually Toxodon]. The hill now bears an obelisk commemorating CD's visit and a nearby village is called Darwin—J.

8. Also Festing Jones 1911 Charles Darwin and Samuel Butler. 14 Romanes to CD, '[Butler] is a lunatic beneath all contempt—an object of pity were it not for his vein of malice'—Life of Romanes, 104. 1881 Jan. , 23:285–287. B 'will smart under your stricture', R is right to attribute B's conduct to 'the disappointment of his inordinate vanity'; CD thanks R for saving him from, B's 'malignant revenge'— [page] 46 Carroll 581. 1881 Feb. CD to T. R. R. , 23:336 on the controversy. 1881 Apr. CD to Romanes, 'I am extremely glad that you seem to have silenced Butler and his reviewers.

Conservator Royal College of Surgeons Museum 1793–1844. 1825 his daughter married Richard Owen. DNB. , 9, Nos 33 & 34, 1–118 (F833–834): also available as a book in paper wrappers (F835); 1866 reprinted in Flora, 49:241–252, 273–282, 321–325, 337–345, 375– 378, 385–398. 1875 2nd edition The movements and habits of climbing plants, London (F836). 1882 2nd edition with appendix to preface by Francis D, London (F839). First foreign editions: USA (F838), German (F860) 1876; French (F858) 1877; Russian (F865) 1900; Romanian (F864) 1970.

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