Cased-Hole Log Analysis and Reservoir Performance Monitoring by Richard M. Bateman

By Richard M. Bateman

This publication addresses very important concerns, equivalent to the overview of shale gasoline reservoirs and their construction. themes contain the cased-hole logging surroundings, reservoir fluid homes; circulate regimes; temperature, noise, cement bond, and pulsed neutron logging; and casing inspection. creation logging charts and tables are incorporated within the appendices. The paintings serves as a finished reference for creation engineers with upstream E&P businesses, good logging carrier corporation staff, college scholars, and petroleum education professionals.

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7 lines. 5. 828. FIGURE 3. 14 Natural-Gas Deviation Factor. Courtesy Schlumberger Well Sen·ices; after Standing and Katz 1942. 49 3. - =(.!. f 80 PIC 1,000 5,000 0. 2 4S0 250 SOO Find IIBg . Given: Pwf = Twf Z = = 140 kg/ sq em . 93°C. 828. 1. Enter PWf seale at 140 kg/sq em. 2. Follow lines as in small diagram. 2. Read IIBg = 135. 15 Gas Formation Volume Factor. Courtesy Schlumberger Well Services. 15. Note that values for T in the above equation must be in degrees Rankin (OR). To convert from Farenheit to Rankin, use: OR OF = + 460.

C 0 . -.. 05 E 0. 0. 150 0 0 ~ o. 10 .. 20 o 0 Find pwwf. Given C NaCI = 90,000 ppm. Twf = 200°F. PWf = 2,000 psia. 1. Locate Point a by a line from C NaCI = 90,000 through to A. 2. Draw a line pwf = 2,000 through point a. 3. 032 gm/cc. 9 Densities of NaCl Solutions. Courtesy Schlumberger Well Ser- vIces. 1 AND Bw qwwf Flowing pressure = 3,000 psi. Flowing temperature = 200°F. Water salinity = 150,000 ppm NaC!. Surface flow rate 300 BWPD (barrels of water per day). a. Find pwse = b. Find pwwf = e.

A. Find Bob = b. If qosc = 1000 BOPD, find qow/ = _ _ BOPD. 19 holds only for conditions at bubblepoint pressure. At well flowing pressures above and below the bubble point, it is necessary to apply the following algorithms: ( 1 ) for undersaturated oils (above bubble-point pressure), Bo = Bob [1 - Co (Pw/ - Pb)], where Co is the oil compressibility, a function of pob; and (2) for saturated oils (below bubble-point pressure), Bo = 1 + k( Bob - 1), where k is a function of Pw//Pb. 20 serves to find the values of Co (upper portion) and k (lower portion).

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