Canon EOS 80D For Dummies by Julie Adair King, Robert Correll

By Julie Adair King, Robert Correll


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And unlike a wireless remote, which must be positioned so that the signal reaches the sensor on the front of the camera, a wired remote can be operated from behind the camera. HDMI terminal: For playback on a high-definition television or screen, you can connect the camera via this terminal, using the optional HDMI Cable HTC-100. USB connection terminal: This connection point serves two purposes: You can connect your camera to a computer via a compatible USB interface cable (not supplied), a topic discussed in Chapter 6.

USM stands for UltraSonic Motor, which offers fast, professional-grade autofocusing. Finally, be aware that, unlike both of the kit lenses available with the 80D, some lenses can舗t take full advantage of the Dual Pixel CMOS (see-moss) autofocusing system that舗s used during Live View and Movie recording. Don舗t worry about what the name means 舒 the important point is that it produces faster, more accurate autofocusing. com), which has a link to a section that explains the technology and lists lenses that support it.

If you use a monopod, leave image stabilization turned on so it can help compensate for any accidental movement of the monopod. If you shoot in the B (Bulb) mode, Canon recommends that you disable stabilization. On non-Canon lenses, image stabilization may go by another name: anti-shake, vibration compensation, and so on. In some cases, the manufacturers recommend that you leave the system turned on or select a special setting when you use a tripod, so check the lens manual for information. Whatever lens you use, image stabilization isn舗t meant to eliminate the blur that can occur when your subject moves during the exposure.

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