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Approved (as applied to electrical equipment) — (1) equipment that has been certified by a certification organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada in accordance with the requirements of (a) CSA Group Standards; or (b) other standards that have been developed by a standards development organization accredited by the Standards Council of Canada, or other recognized documents, where CSA Group Standards do not exist or are not applicable, provided that such other standards or other recognized documents (i) are correlated with provisions of the CE Code, Part I; and (ii) do not create duplication with standards already listed in Appendix A; or (2) equipment that conforms to the requirements of the regulatory authority (see Appendix B).

Circuit breaker — a device designed to open and close a circuit by non-automatic means and to open the circuit automatically on a predetermined overcurrent without damage to itself when properly applied within its ratings. Instantaneous-trip circuit breaker — a circuit breaker designed to trip only under short-circuit conditions. Communication circuit — see Circuit. Communication system — see System. Community antenna distribution system — see System. Concealed — rendered permanently inaccessible by the structure or finish of the building.

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