C. S. Lewis’s Dangerous Idea: In Defense of the Argument by Victor Reppert

By Victor Reppert

During this publication Victor Reppert champions C. S. Lewis. Darwinists try and use technology to teach that our international and its population could be absolutely defined because the manufactured from a senseless, purposeless method of physics and chemistry. yet Lewis claimed in his argument from cause that if such materialism or naturalism have been precise then medical reasoning itself couldn't be depended on. Victor Reppert believes that Lewis's arguments were too frequently brushed aside. In C. S. Lewis's risky inspiration Reppert deals cautious, capable improvement of Lewis's proposal and demonstrates that the elemental thrust of Lewis's argument from cause can undergo up lower than the burden of the main critical philosophical assaults.

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Lewis presenls an argUlllent that goes as follows: 1. No thoughl is valid if it can be fully explained as the result of irraliollal causes. :. If materialism is Iruc, Ihen all though Is can be fully explained as the resull of irr

According to eliminative materialists like Paul Churchland, the claim that beliefs and desires exist presupposes the truth of a false theory, which they call folk psychology. I-Iuman rationality, in the eliminativist's view, is described by the ultimate brain theory in terms that do not include propositional altitudes. A second type of materialism maintains that mental states are reducible to physical states. A third type of materialism mainh1ins that mental states are not identi- 52 C. S. LEWIS'S DA/,\CI'KO US II)FA cal to, but rather arc supervenicnt on ph)'sical states.

Then, if two people come to difTerent conclusions, we can go back to the beginning and sec wherc the error might have been committed. In mathematics, if two people reach I\m difTerent conclusions, we can relmcc their steps to sec where their thinking dil'ergedto sec which one has committed a" error. But wl",t is supposed to constihlte such a philosophical foundation? 1 came or its existence. :», I'lFor a critique of McDowell sec JeffTc~ Lowder. cd . 'lltC Jut) Is In ' The Rilling 011 ~Ic· Dowell's 'Evidence,''' The Secular Weh, ~Iodern Lihrar} (:000) , syslem.

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