By Great Waters: A Newfoundland and Labrador Anthology by Peter Neary

By Peter Neary

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Mr Cock was very civil to me, and here I lived in the greatest content imaginable. I had much to do in my profession, yet leisure to study, to walk, to fish, and take pleasure. At the end of the season I went by boat to Cape Broyle, to Caplin bay, 5 to Feryland, and home. Here are beaver, otter, and deer plentiful; for fruits, strawberry, raspberries, whorts, and wild grapes incredible. The diseases of this country are: breaking out of the arm wrests, colds and coughs, and the scurvy, of which they have two sorts, the one an acute scurvy, soon caught, soon cured, the other a cachexy, or dry scurvy, which makes the patient look thin, yellow, squalled, with pain and paresis of the limbs, and is often mortal.

He became mayor of Plymouth in 1694 and a fellow of the Royal Society in 1702. He died in July 1721, in Plymouth. IN FEBRUARY [1663] my father shipped me to go Chyrurgeon of the Reformation, Mr Wm. Cock, commander, 70 men, 3 guns, 100 ton, bound for Newfoundland, to make a voyage. I were glad of the voyage, but so sorrowfully provided for it as is scarce credible. I had not the common necessaries that every sailor had. I had few and ill clothes, few and common medicines and utensils, 6 quarts of brandy, a small pot of butter, and books I had pickt up, a few.

After many fruitless attempts to attain the object proposed, I was at last recommended to the Governor of Newfoundland, Sir Hugh Palliser, who received me with great kindness, and even offered to carry me out on board his ship. This I declined, but begged for a recommendatory note to the Governor of St John's, which he willingly provided for me; and I now went with the first ship to St John's, where I lodged at the house of a merchant, who shewed me all possible civility. I worked here at my trade, and expected patiently the arrival of the Governor.

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