Body Invaders: Sexuality and the Postmodern Condition by Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker

By Arthur Kroker, Marilouise Kroker

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A guy admits that, whilst under the influence of alcohol, he attempted to have intercourse with an eighteen-year-old woman; she is arrested and denies they'd sex, yet ultimately begs God's forgiveness. Then she is publicly hanged along her attacker. those occasions happened in 1644, in Boston, the place this present day they'd be considered with horror.

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That these forms BODY MAPS 51 of economic exploitation have recently reterritorialized into the sphere of cultural imperialism, signifies an important and complex moment in the socio-economic relations of the West and the Third World. Consider briefly Christian Dior's latest make-up line, entitled Les Coloniales. The advertisement contains the framed face of a woman that has been un-naturally whited except for the exotic colours encircling the eyes like the plumage on a wild parrot. It is also interesting to note the use of anthuriums with their drooping phalluses that surround her face.

I still remember a control room in a recording studio where the music, diffused on four tracks, came at once in four dimensions, and of a sudden seemed viscerally secreted in the interior, with a surreal relief... It was no longer music. Where is the degree of technological sophistication, where the threshold of "high fidelity" beyond which music as it were disappears? For the problem of the disappearance of music is the same as that of history: it will not disappear for want of music, it will disappear in the perfection of its materiality, in its very own special effect.

Since this last was promised them at the end of time, it was only a matter of ending time immediately. All history has been accompanied by a millennia! defiance of the temporality of history. The will to see things accomplished immediately, and not in terms of a long detour, is not at all a regressive phantasm of childhood. It is a defiance of time which is born with time itself. With linear time, that is, simply with the birth of time, two contradictory forms are 42 BODY INVADERS born: the one which consists of following the meanderings of time and of constructing a history, the other which consists of accelerating the course of time, or of brutally condensing it so as to arrive at its end.

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