Biosecurity: Origins, Transformations and Practices by Katsuhisa Furukawa, James Revill, Malcolm Dando, Koos van

By Katsuhisa Furukawa, James Revill, Malcolm Dando, Koos van der Bruggen, David B. Sawaya, Benjamin Rusek, Flippa Lentzos, Jonathan B. Tucker, Brian Rappert, Chandr Gould

This ebook explores the origins, interpretations and meanings of the time period biosecurity. It brings jointly members on matters when it comes to the perceptions of the specter of organic guns and the way states are responding, or no longer, to the demanding situations posed through the potential for the goods of the existence sciences for use for damaging purposes.

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Subsequently, it traces the contestation and subsequent rise of ‘biosecurity’ through the BWC and UN Security Council Resolution 1540, addressing how the term has become entrenched in both the lexicon of national and international responses to dealing with biological and toxin weapons. This chapter concludes with an assessment of the limits of hegemonic conceptualisations of biosecurity-as-laboratory-security and the need for a broader understanding of the term, both in the BWC and in framing international security threats.

This includes preventing and controlling infectious diseases; reducing the adverse effects of chemical, microbiological and Filippa Lentzos 35 radiological hazards, and preparing for potential and emerging threats. The HPA is also responsible for: providing training in preparedness and response to potential bioterrorist incidents and in the diagnosis and recognition of symptoms of unusual dangerous microorganisms; carrying out and coordinating exercises at the local and national levels with the NHS, local authorities and the emergency services to improve national preparedness in the event of major bioterrorist incidents; and for maintaining surveillance of potential threats both nationally and internationally.

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