A Biblical Hebrew Reference Grammar (Biblical Languages: by Christo H. J. van der Merwe

By Christo H. J. van der Merwe

When you have a easy Hebrew wisdom and need to refesh,clarify or extra discover a few matters, it is a ideal instrument. Very terse and as a result useful.

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IN CONCLUSION The writings of St Paul have a privilege few texts ever achieve; the endowment of sacredness. Placed in the canon, between the covers of the Bible, Paul's own heightened rhetoric is intensified. So much so that the Church protects the texts with authoritative interpretations and translations, and the guild of biblical studies closes access to the text by extolling the pseudo-scientific skills of historical-grammatical exegesis in order for anyone properly to understand the text. This is the problem with translating Paul's language: getting caught in the trap of its sacredness and lost in its rhetoric.

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A. 48 One critic of Paul's rhetoric, David Jasper, has noted the appearance of argumentation in Romans 5: 18-21 in which the discourse proceeds with logical connectives - i\pa ouv, 'it follows, therefore' (v. p, 'for as by', OU'tO>O' Kat, 'thus also' (v. 19); tva roO' Kat, 'thus also' (v. 21) but is actually a series of assertions and antitheses strung together by some 'hidden' logic. 50 Paul's rhetoric presents a serious problem for the translator: how to convey this manner of argumentation in translation, and more crucially, where to locate such rhetorical authority.

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