Best Business Practices for Photographers by John Harrington

By John Harrington

A follow-up to the profitable and acclaimed "Best company Practices for Photographers", this up to date and improved version serves as a fair extra accomplished advisor to reaching monetary good fortune and private delight on your enterprise as a photographer. incorporated during this new version are sections on licensing your paintings, making the profession switch from a employees photographer to a freelancer, surviving an IRS audit, and extra. This e-book contains top practices in interacting with consumers, negotiating contracts and licenses, and enterprise operations. "Best enterprise Practices for Photographers, moment variation" is the most important to a profitable profession in images.

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A hard light is always hard, but the way it reflects depends on the surface of the subject. So we will always call specular lights hard to make it clear that we are talking about the light, not the reflection. The Inverse Square Law A diffuse reflection gets brighter if we move the light source closer to the subject. If we needed, we could calculate this change in brightness with the inverse square law. The inverse square law says that intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

Some surfaces produce a great deal more of one than another. The difference in the amounts of each of these reflections determines what makes one surface look different from another. One of the first steps in lighting a scene is to look at the subject and decide what kind of reflection causes the subject to appear the way it does. The next step is to position the light, the subject, and the camera to make the photograph capitalize on that type of reflection and minimize the others. When we do this we decide what kind of reflection we want the viewers to see.

TYPES OF REFLECTIONS Light can reflect from a subject as diffuse reflection, direct reflection, or glare. Most surfaces cause some of each of these three types. The proportions of each type of reflection vary with the subject, and it is the proportion of each reflection in the mix that makes one surface look different from another. We are going to examine each of these types of reflections in some detail. In each case, we will assume that the reflection is a perfect example, uncontaminated by either of the other two.

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