Barriers Between Women by Paula J. Caplan Ph.D (auth.)

By Paula J. Caplan Ph.D (auth.)

This e-book is an exploration of a few of the mental and so­ cial-psychological components that experience created boundaries among ladies. specific awareness is paid to the daughter-mother dating. The content material relies on psychotherapy fabric, try effects and conversations with sufferers and non-patients throughout a large age span. I got the fabric in my a number of roles as a clinician, researcher and theorist-and, continuously, as a girl, with no matter what certain biases and distinct understandings that will contain. simply because a lot of the ebook offers with the improvement of wom­ en's problems in relationships with different girls, the emphasis will usually be on how the transforming into daughter feels in her dating together with her mom. The mother's emotions can be mentioned little or no for 2 purposes: to restrict the scope of this ebook and since a lot of what applies to the daughter additionally applies to the mummy. it is usually because of her personal studies as a daughter that the mummy encounters trouble in rearing her personal daughter or feeling com­ fortable approximately her skill to take action. however it is critical for the reader to bear in mind through the publication that child-rearing is a frighten­ ing, tough job at the least a part of the time for nearly each mom. In any long term courting, one starts off to event one's personal wishes, and it really is easily human to want that the opposite individual within the dating (even an baby or younger baby) may meet these needs.

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In fact, quite the opposite might be true. If females were really intended to become the nurturers of the race, a sensible belief would be that their need for nurturance is limited in time and quantity. It would be inconvenient to the survival of the species if the intended nurturers were so burdened with their own needs for nurturance that they could not nurture others. For the sake of argument, let us assert that the survival of species requires that girls be nurturers. Yet suppose the innately determined pattern is that girls have an unmeetable need for affection when very young, but this need conveniently decreases around puberty so that they are then free to become nurturant.

The story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is another fairy tale representation of this role. Snow White, in becoming a woman ready for marriage, must take care of seven little men. That they are little men makes her work good practice for nurturing both husband and children. Like most Western housewives, she does the work alone, isolated. Not only is she encouraged to perform these nurturing, housekeeping services in return for a roof over her head, but indeed it is the major activity she is given in the story.

P. 126) Needless to say, Sigourney did not advise mothers to allow their daughters such "firmness" or freedom from "the full degree of feminine subordination. " The difference in how the sexes are reared has another consequence besides producing nurturant girls and less nurturant boys. The growing girl comes to notice that her parents treat her brother differently from the way they treat her. She may observe that they set fewer limits on his behavior and make fewer demands that he take care of others and behave in a "proper" way.

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