Ayn Rand by Mimi Gladstein, John Meadowcroft, Mimi Reisel Gladstein

By Mimi Gladstein, John Meadowcroft, Mimi Reisel Gladstein


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The use of force denies reason, and therefore denies that existence exists, for the person doing the forcing as well as the person forced. The one who uses force assumes that human beings are irrational and thus is, as a human being irrational as well. The use of force can be reasonable only in defense of reason or in defense of the consequences of the axiom that existence exists. Thus, force is An Exposition of Rand’s Ideas 47 just in defense of oneself against another who has initiated the use of force, for that is the defense of the human and rational against the nonhuman and irrational.

Most of the major and minor representatives of the looting and mooching second-handers are in attendance and as the party progresses, they articulate their collectivist and antirational opinions. Francisco d’Anconia makes his dramatic entrance by finishing James Taggart’s sentence that the world is about to move from material to spiritual aims and instead of an aristocracy of money install, concludes Francisco: an aristocracy of pull. The guests try to dismiss him by repeating the old bromide about money and evil, and concluding that, as Francisco is the product of money, one can expect nothing positive from him.

By doing this, they undermine any objective standard and can thus practice arbitrary power to set value. Gold and silver have objective value. Paper money was originally a certificate for an equivalent value in silver or gold. Rand believed that the nation should reestablish the gold standard. Her final speech was before the National Committee for Monetary Reform, an organization that wanted to do 34 Ayn Rand just that and to educate the citizens of United States about the benefits of a free market economy.

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