Larousse Encyclopedia of Prehistoric and Ancient Art: Art by René Huyghe (general ed.)

By René Huyghe (general ed.)

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AURIGNACIAN. ) c. 1 Musie de St of Brassempouy. Ivory. (Height Germain. Atlantic province, primarily Cantabrian, but which also spread into Castile and extended as far as southern Andalusia, to La Piieta, for example, and the neighbour- hood of Malaga and Cadiz; its naturalistic art was the geographical extension of the Aurignacio-Magdalenian Upper art of the Altamira is Palaeolithic in the south-west of France. the most famous example. Nevertheless, at an it yielded a profusion of schematic signs which found again, only in very small numbers and at a late from the Pyrenees to the Dordogne, and more rarely the latter.

Bone harpoons with flint flakes as barbs. Maglemosian (northern Europe). Bone and horn industry. Flint scrapers, borers and core-axes. MESOLITHIC Varied races. Ofnet man (Bavaria) Tardenoisian man; some examples with African characteristics; arrival of brachycephalic men. Numerous characteristics, difficultto date. Campignian. Flint tranchets hatted In pierced bone NEOLITHIC handles (ancestors of the axe); flake points and Various races: the dolichocephalic Palaeolithic coarse pottery. men Kitchen Midden or Ertebelie (southern Scandinavia).

Northerly element. The arrival, at the end of this period, of pastoral and agricultural Neolithic peoples enriched rock art with a number of new conventional elements, such as the who had to express not yet complexes of ideas. Thus art, in its natural passage to a diagrammatic form, prepared the way for the birth of writing and provided the signs which would be needed. These signs are still not writing, but they lead up to it. The painted rocks are even more eloquent in their way than the inscribed tablets of Easter Island: at the two antipodes of our globe they form the ends of two chains, which perhaps linked up somewhere near the centre of Asia, at the foot of the mountains of eastern Siberia.

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