And Quiet Flows the Vodka: or When Pushkin Comes to Shove: by Alicia Chudo

By Alicia Chudo

Russia has involved outsiders for hundreds of years, and in keeping with Alicia Chudo, it's excessive time this borscht stopped. during this hilarious ship up of Russian literature and historical past, Chudo takes no prisoners as she examines Russia's nice culture of unreadable geniuses, revolutionaries who cannot hit the huge aspect of a tsar, and Soviets who like their vodka yet love their tractors.

Written within the culture of 1066 and All That, The Pooh Perplex, and The Classics Redefined, And Quiet Flows the Vodka will, with a bit of luck, be the last word at the ghastly first millennia of Russian literature, background, and culture.

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A “verst” was an imperial measure of distance that dates from the time of Ivan IV. It was of¤cially de¤ned as the distance a naked man could ride on horseback on the coldest day of the year without freezing to death. ” 6. See Isabelle Reilly, “The Theme of Twenti¤cation in Gogol and Chekhov,” Slavic Literature and History 10, no. 3: 112–31. 36 And Quiet Flows the Vodka, or When Pushkin Comes to Shove It is a melancholy thing that we think beauty lies in the well-sculpted shapes of this world and overlook ill-formed, lopsided beauty in all its strange guises.

Gogol began the Russian tradition of stories about the imperial service. Bribery ¤gures in almost all of them, one reason Gogol was hailed as the originator of Russian realism. In Turgenev, one nature-loving government of¤cial refers to bees as collecting their little bribes of nectar from every ¶ower, and in 1849, an of¤cial was charged with holding revolutionary opinions when an investigation demonstrated that he consistently refused all pay-offs. Gogol makes clear that in Russia, dishonesty means unpredictability in specifying the amount necessary to ensure performance of an of¤cial duty.

Buffoonov also has an Adam’s apple so large it might be called an Adam’s pineapple. 10 Buffoonov explains that Exaggeratov, despite his poor appearance, is the recent heir to a fortune of twelve million rubles. 11 He had noticed that someone had cut off and evidently sold the gold tassels, and his shock at this discovery ¤nished him off. Everyone notices that a piece of gold tassel is sticking out of Exaggeratov’s pocket. Exaggeratov had offended his father by stealing money from him so he could pursue a notorious woman, and that was why he had gone into hiding.

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