An Introduction to Video and Audio Measurement by Peter Hodges

By Peter Hodges

What can we degree and why? Peter Hodges explains the reply to this question in approachable language and with transparent illustrations. novices to the video undefined, in addition to these already confirmed, will locate this uniquely readable advisor to the fundamentals of a posh topic. construction at the good fortune of the 2 past variants of this well known identify and overlaying either analog and electronic video, the 3rd version comprises new sections on audio size, excessive definition video, and cutting edge ideas of try and dimension.

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Were it possible, for instance, to take a whole day to send the image then the circuit demands are low. Raise the image rate and, over the same circuit, a lower quality reproduced picture would result. The two are interchangeable, and dependent on signal bandwidth. Where we require high quality pictures sent in real time, the circuit requirements rise very considerably. Video falls into this category. The video system The two video systems most widely used for domestic analogue transmission are the European PAL and the AmericadJapanese NTSC systems.

That sync level is a further excursion need not concern those involved with the art of pictures. Unless, of course, they choose t o know and read the whole of this book. The demarcation at black level need be no barrier to those who wish to understand. The complete signal adds up to a maximum of 1 V, that is from sync level to white. But not all pictures possess a full range of tonal values and not every signal will utilise the system capacity. For example, not all pictures have white in them, nor do all pictures have black.

13) magnified horizontally five times. (a) shows the waveform aligned horizontally to bring the sync leading edge to the centre and placed against a convenient time-scale point. ) When the other camera is selected as in (b), its timing is seen to be late by 2 ks. Although there is no picture information on the waveforms, the signals are ‘black and sync’, the test may be carried out just as easily in the presence of pictures. 56 Measuring video The 'scope is designed to be a versatile measurement and fault finding tool.

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