An Introduction to the Books of the Apocrypha by William Oscar Emil Oesterley

By William Oscar Emil Oesterley

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Jonathan had been appointed High-priest by Alexander Balas (I Mace. x. 15-17), but he was not recognized as such by the people in the way that Simon was (see I Mace. xiv. 46, 47). C. 134, his son he was the title. first 2 At the beginning of his reign a great disaster overtook the Jewish people. vigorous king, Antiochus VII Sidetes, once more raised the Syrian kingdom from the helpless A which it had fallen. He invaded Judaea, and captured Jerusalem after a year's siege. John Hyrcanus had to submit once more to Syrian suzerainty.

Collection of Babylonian Proverbs is given by Meissner in Babylonien und Assyrien, i. 21-29 (1920). Another collection of Wisdom Sayings is published in a German translation by come down to us, A is Ebeling in Gressmann, op. , pp. 291 ff. ; see also Langdon, Wisdom, p. 89 (1923). The most interesting writing is The Story of Ahikar, containing the Proverbs of Ahifaar (Chap, ii), and the Parables of Ahikar (viii. , also called the Babylonian Koheleth ; 6 and A Sage's Plaint over the Wickedness of the World?

200-180. The Hymn Children Maccabaean: The Prayer in the Song of the Three Holy probably belongs to this period. C. 168. C. 150. C. 140-130. C. 90-70. C. 50. C. C. circa 40 ? D. D. Prayer of Manasses ? For further details and the arguments in favour of these dates, see the introductions to the respective books. C. D. The history of this period undoubtedly influenced its literature, and is not infrequently reflected, or directly referred to, in it; hence the need of taking a historical bird's-eye view of these centuries, and, without going into details, to cerned lay emphasis on those more outstanding events which affected the destiny of the Jewish people.

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