American rococo, 1750-1775: elegance in ornament by Morrison H. Heckscher

By Morrison H. Heckscher

Историческая хроника развития стиля Рококо в мебели и разнообразных предметах, и следы его развития в Новом Свете. Множество оригинальных идей для творческих людей и любителей деревообработки.
Chronicles the origins of the Rococo kind in furnishings and strains its improvement within the New World.
A lot of unique rules for artistic humans and woodworkers

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Parlor cilillll/cypiecc. 17 0 0-01 . the East Apthorp house. Cam bridge. Pho togr aph . ca. I X') O • Parlor chimncvpiccc, ca. Marbl ehead . Photogr aph . I X')I FI G UH E 0. I') 17 0 S. the Jer emiah Lee hou se. th at m ay h av e be en e x ecut ed b y Edw ard Burb eck ( [7 15178 5) an d W. Au stin, carve rs for th e chu rch. x Th er e are a few exa m pl es o f ro co co arc hitec tu ra l o rna m ent b y o t he r artisa ns in th e imm ediate env iro ns o f Bo sron ," but th e Apth orp hou se ca rve r mu st also have wo rke d in N ewbu r yp ort, n ear th e present M assachu setts-N e w H ampsh ir e border.

Small din ing room, Between 17 5 5 an d I 759, Washin gton ' s neig h bor th e pl anter an d , later , Revolutionar y sta tes man Ge o rge M ason ( 1725- T792) w as buildin g Gunston H all, a sm all but exquisite Ge orgian hou se . In the ent ra nce h all , th e spa n d re ls of th e arc h way hav e C -sc ro lls w it h p ierced ro caille m antel s, and th e drawin g roo m an d th e dining ro om hav e elabo ra te ca rved moldin g s b ased o n Swan 's D esign s ill A rchitecture. r':' In th is and in subsequent co m m iss io ns, it w as th e efforts o f th o se tw o m en th at acco un t for much of th e roco co in southern archi tec ture.

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