Alzheimer Disease Sourcebook, 5th Edition by Amy L. Sutton

By Amy L. Sutton

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Alzheimer Disease Sourcebook, Fifth Edition the cell body. The action potential travels to the end of the axon and once there, the passage of either electrical current or, more typically, the release of chemical messengers, called neurotransmitters, can be triggered. The neurotransmitters are released from the axon terminal and move across a tiny gap, or synapse, to specific receptor sites on the receiving, or postsynaptic, end of dendrites of nearby neurons. A typical neuron has thousands of synaptic connections, mostly on its many dendrites, with other neurons.

Her forgetfulness was just a normal part of getting older. The doctor suggested that Mary take a class, play cards with friends, or help out at the local school to sharpen her memory. Differences between Mild Forgetfulness and More Serious Memory Problems What is mild forgetfulness? It is true that some of us get more forgetful as we age. gov), part of the National Institutes of Health, September 2010. 15 Alzheimer Disease Sourcebook, Fifth Edition glasses. These changes are often signs of mild forgetfulness, not serious memory problems.

You can take steps to lower your chances of having more strokes. These steps include the following: 18 Understanding Memory Loss s #ONTROLYOURHIGHBLOODPRESSURE s 4REATYOURHIGHCHOLESTEROL s 4AKECAREOFYOURDIABETES s 3TOPSMOKING Help for Serious Memory Problems If you are worried about your memory, see your doctor. If your doctor thinks your memory problems are serious, you may need to have a complete health check-up. The doctor will review your medicines and may test your blood and urine.

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