Alternate Light Source Imaging. Forensic Photography by Norman Marin

By Norman Marin

Alternate gentle resource Imaging presents a quick advisor to electronic imaging utilizing mirrored infrared and ultraviolet radiation for crime scene photographers. transparent and concise guideline illustrates the best way to accomplish solid photos in various forensic occasions. It demonstrates how tunable wavelength gentle resources and electronic imaging suggestions can be utilized to effectively find and record actual facts on the crime scene, within the morgue, or within the laboratory. The medical ideas that make this kind of images attainable are defined, by way of the elemental steps that may be applied to catch top of the range evidentiary pictures.

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0, 8 seconds, ISO 200, and no filter over the camera lens. 60 Alternate Light Source Imaging Certain denominations of modern US currency (circa 1990) have a thin vertical strip of fabric woven into the note about 25 mm from the left edge. ” The currency note was illuminated with near-UV illumination (365 nm), in a darkroom, and with no filter over the camera lens. Not only does the fabric strip fluoresce but the printing inks also appear dramatically different under UV radiation. 6 Paint and Cleaning Agents Architectural paint can be used to conceal physical evidence of a crime committed.

Bandwidth: A wavelength range used to denote a specific part of the spectrum that passes electromagnetic radiation through a filter. Bandpass filter: Filter designed to transmit radiation only within a selected band of wavelengths. These filters can be classified as narrow or wide bandpass filters, depending on the required bandwidth. Barrier filters: Filters that are designed to suppress or block the excitation wavelengths and allow only selected fluorescent emission wavelengths to pass toward the detector.

The full spectrum of IR is not used for DSLR IR photography. Camera sensors are sensitive from about 350 to 1000 nm. Therefore, the same recording techniques for NIR can be used for visible light observations, with the exception for observation by the naked eye. The IR radiation documented in a photograph is the measure of the amount of near-IR radiation reflected or absorbed by the subject.

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