Air Disasters by Ann Weil

By Ann Weil

To be used IN faculties AND LIBRARIES purely. A compilation of precise tales of a number of air failures.

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Majoor, Mireille. Inside the Hindenburg. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 2000.

Several of the surviving players were killed, including the team captain, Marcelo Perez. Still, no help had arrived. They ran out of food. Cannibalism was their only hope of survival. They were all very religious. This made their only option even more difficult. But they couldn’t survive without food. Their will to survive was very strong. They made their decision to stay alive. 40 Rescue Weeks passed. Nando decided he would walk off the mountain. He would go for help, himself. Roberto Canessa went with him.

C.? WA S H I N G T O N , D . C . 42 DID YOU KNOW? C. helped save other people. He died before he was rescued himself. , 1982 Bad weather makes flying more dangerous. However, it is rarely the only reason for a crash. Planes are equipped to fly through clouds and most storms. Pilots are trained to handle difficult situations. Airports can usually continue to operate safely, no matter what the weather. Unfortunately, bad weather and pilot error can be a deadly combination. 44 Snow and Ice The winter of 1982 was bitter cold.

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