Advances in Financial Economics, Volume 6 (Advances in by M. Hirschey, K. John, A.K. Makhija

By M. Hirschey, K. John, A.K. Makhija


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16. The three call sales procedure works as follows: the first call from the broker to the investor is an introductory call to get acquainted; the second call is a courtesy call, and to add that if something interesting should come up, would he/she be interested; and the third call carry a sense of urgency to invest instantly due to unusual but fungible breaking news, etc. REFERENCES Barnes, E. (1983). Bad Pennies, Venture, November, 1983, pp. 38–46. , & P. Fulghieri, (1999). A theory of going public decision, Review of Financial Studies, 249–279.

Ackerson, S. B. (1992). An Investment Masquerade: A Descriptive Overview of Penny Stock Fraud and The Federal Securities Laws, The Business Lawyer, 47, 773–835. Guenther, D. , & Willenborg, M. (1999). Capital gain tax and the cost of capital for small business: Evidence from the IPO market, Journal of Financial Economics, 53(3), 385–408. Hanley, K. , Lee, C. M. , & Seguin, P. J. (1993). The Marketing of Closed-End Fund IPOs: Evidence from Transaction Data, November, University of Michigan Working Paper.

Thermacor. The California company, incorporated in Nevada in September 1984 and offered its IPO on December 1985 was developing a line of portable thermal reduction devices designed to cool various portions of the body. From April 1987 to March 1993 the company reported a cumulated loss of $1,279,000. The company ceased operation in June, 1991 and moved to Utah in February 1992 by the new management team. In 1993, the company had practically liquidated, it had no asset. It attempted to reorganize earlier, with a known failed attempt to sell to a German firm.

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