AC DC: The Razors Edge: Guitar Tablature Edition by Music Sales Corporation

By Music Sales Corporation

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Warri Elemoo beeladaa . .. ; 9. Kutaa-biyya Booranatti . ' " bishaani hedduummeesan; 10. Kana booda karaa masno jaaruu .... . H. Fill in the blanks by referring to the text: Gandi Liban . .. bal'atu malee warra tokko gala. Warri Liban jiruu isaani walitti ...... Warri Liban, warra horii ...... Sa'aa sagal hoggaa gaye . . bobbaasani. . .. gama sa'aa jahatti horii galfarani. Yeroo chufa irra Warn Liban " .. , jaalatani. Joolleen haadhaa fi abbaa wajjin mana-manatti sheekoo-sheekoo .. . .

Waan inni yaade kamaa. Bakkii inni deeme namu hinbeeku. Waan inni dhufeef ani hinbeeku. What he thought is bad. Where he went no one knows. Why he came I do not know. g. Conditional Clause In Harar Oromo, conditional clauses are identified by silaa and yoo. g. Si!.. ati eegde dafeen dhufa. I shall come soon if you wait for me. Szl.. boru dhufte gaari. It will be good if you come tomorrow. Szl.. kanatti wal taa",! dubbiin dhumte. The matter would be over if we agreed on this. ~!.. Berlin Dhihaa deemuu dandeesse It would be nice if you were able to go to dduu bareedaa.

Diddam hoggaa shan hedduummeesuuII dhibbaall (tokko) wal qittha. Diddam shallitti hiruun afuriin wal qittha. A. Warri Liball hoolota dhibbaa fi diddam qabani. Warr; Galgaloo hoolota dhibbaa fi afurtam qabani. Meeqa warri lammaanu qabani? B. 120+140 = 260. &, warn· lammaanu hoolota dhibba lamaa fi jahatam qaballi. A. Warri Liban loowan dhibbaa fi shantamirraa soddam gurguran. Meeqaa hafeej? B. 150-30 = 120. &, loowan dhibbaafi diddami hafeef. A. Obb. Liban joollee iSM saddeetiif qarshii kuma sad"" fi dhibba lama kenneej.

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