A literary history of New England by Perry D. Westbrook

By Perry D. Westbrook

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The account continues with the search for a site for permanent settlement, the landing of the Mayflower passengers at Plymouth (no mention of the Rock), the meeting with the helpful Indian Squanto, the firming of friendly relations with the Sagamore Massasoit. Much, of course, is left unsaid, notably the close brush with starvation that first winter and the deadly sickness that threatened the survival of the colony. Page 16 Following the narrative sections of the book is a letter by Winslow praising the climate, though he admits that the summer heat and the winter cold exceed what English people are accustomed to.

Of Plimmoth Plantation is thorough and methodical. 4 This section, book 1, fills in the general background of the Reformation in England and Europe and describes the Separatist movement in which Bradford and others of the Pilgrims had a part in Scrooby in Nottinghamshire. Book 1 then recounts the flight of Bradford's group to Holland in 1608, describes their life there during the next twelve years, gives the reasons for the emigration to North America, discusses the negotiations and preparations for the undertaking, and finally tells the story of the long voyage and the beginning of the settlement at Plymouth.

His easy assumptionor presumptionthat God was overseeing "the Circumstances of [his] commencement" bespeaks the assurance Page 29 that a Mather, confident by virtue of his lineage of being among the elect (Cotton, in fact, had experienced conversion two years earlier), might reasonably have concerning the special favor he enjoyed with the Diety. His thesis on the vowel points of Hebrewthe Holy Tongue, as it was regardedtestified both to his scholarship and to his piety. Thus on his graduation day, Mather revealed, perhaps unconsciously, the qualities that carried him through life and that in their more extreme manifestations won him the scorn and enmity of many of his contemporaries and the ridicule of later critics.

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