A Dictionary of Cultural and Critical Theory, Second Edition by Michael Payne, Jessica Rae Barbera

By Michael Payne, Jessica Rae Barbera

Now completely up to date and revised, this new version of the hugely acclaimed dictionary offers an authoritative and obtainable advisor to fashionable principles within the huge interdisciplinary fields of cultural and important thought up to date to add over forty new entries together with items on Alain Badiou, Ecocriticism, Comparative Racialization , usual Language Philosophy and feedback, and image NarrativeIncludes reflective, broad-ranging articles from prime theorists together with Julia Kristeva, Stanley Cavell, and Simon CritchleyFeatures a completely up-to-date bibliographyWide-ranging content material makes this a useful dictionary for college kids of a various variety of disciplines

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For him any such operation preserved the incorrigibly teleological character of the Hegelian dialectic. This was true, for example, of economism, wherein the contradiction between the forces and relations of production supplied the trans-historical efficient cause of a unilinear social evolution. Instead, Althusser postulated the Overdetermination of any Contradiction. ” Each was ineliminably real and effective, simultaneously determinant and determined. ” A complementary reconceptualization of social formations (societies) aimed to respect their constitutive complexity, by displacing the inherited Base and superstructure topography, and differentiating the Marxist totality from the Hegelian.

The essay seeks to promote an “objective criticism” in which attention is directed exclusively to the artifact itself. Its purported “classical objectivity” (as against “romantic reader psychology”) concerns itself with giving an account of the poem (the New Critics tend to privilege Poetry in their work, but the concept is equally applicable to other genres) as the cause of an emotion, rather than of the emotion expressed or effected by the poem. K. and Beardsley, Monroe C. ” Following Vincent Descombes (1980) who defines “contemporary French philosophy” as “coincident with the sum of the discourses elaborated in France and considered by the public of today as philosophical,” African philosophy may be said to consist of all intellectual and discursive productions elaborated in Africa and considered “philosophical” by today’s public.

Marxist theory played two main roles in Adorno’s work. It provided him with a materialist critique of traditional philosophy as a realm of alienated universality or “bad” abstraction, and it endowed him (via Lukács) with the concept of Reification – the development of an aspect of Marx’s account of commodity fetishisms. (In commodity fetishism, the commodity is mystified by taking on attributes which properly belong to people. ) Adorno interpreted Marx’s theory of value as a sociology of cultural form.

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