50 Things You Need to Know About Heaven by Dr. John Hart

By Dr. John Hart

Answers in your questions about Heaven

We all need to know what occurs when we die. do we visit heaven? what is going to we do there? do we see our household?
It seems the Bible is stuffed with solutions on your most crucial questions, explaining what heaven feels like, who might be there, and the way to get there within the first position. during this booklet you'll find transparent factors of those passages, providing you with a good and lovely photograph of our everlasting domestic. locate convenience and peace within the fact approximately heaven.

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What will heaven look like? 43 14. Where is heaven? 45 15. Will animals be in heaven? 48 16. Does anything ever change in heaven? 51 17. Will we be bored in heaven? 53 18. Will we know our Christian friends and loved ones in heaven? 56 19. Are there marriages and families in heaven? 59 20. Will we remember our earthly life in heaven? 61 21. Is heaven a physical place? 63 22. What is the new Jerusalem? 65 23. Will we be singing and playing harps all the time in heaven? 69 24. Will there be time in eternity?

After all, we think, there are so many other immoral, irreligious, and violent people around us, some even close friends. Compared to such less-than-admirable people, we come out ahead. God must “grade on a curve,” and that means I will be in heaven. In conversations like the one I had with this older man, I rarely find anyone who is 100 percent confident about going to heaven. We would think that a 95 percent assurance—or better, a 99 percent assurance—is well worth the risk. But is it? Would you get on an airplane at Chicago’s O’Hare airport—most often ranked the busiest airport in the world—with that kind of risk?

But are people who have died and are in heaven also watching? Nothing clearly says they are able to see what is happening. But several Bible passages seem to imply that they might somehow know what is happening. Does God tell them? One fascinating vision is in Revelation 6. ” These men and women were martyred for their faith. ’ ” (6:9–10). It is interesting that their identity had not changed in heaven. They were martyrs on earth. They will be known as martyrs in heaven. In their heavenly existence, they remember their lives on earth, particularly that they were murdered.

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